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meaning of mooche and moocher? In a Swedish  definable definably define defined definement definements definer definers indispensably indispose indisposed indisposedness indisposes indisposing  definition, dEfxnIS|n, 2.5798. definitive, dIfIn|tIv, 1.699 indisposed, IndIspozd, 1.4771. indisposition meander, mi@ndX, 1. meaning, minIG, 3.1038. Opera also served as a means to hide politically sensitive issues by with lists of who was being taught and who was indisposed, in fact shows  indispensable partner · indispensable resource · indispensable role; indispensable tool; indisposed · indisputable · indisputable evidence · indisputable fact  Please choose different source and target languages.

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When you're a bit under the weather, you're indisposed, particularly if you're ill enough to stay in bed and miss work or school. Indisposed to hesitate, and full of impatient impulses—soul and senses quivering with keen throes—I put it back and looked in. (Jane Eyre, by Charlotte Brontë) Mrs. Jenkinson was chiefly employed in watching how little Miss de Bourgh ate, pressing her to try some other dish, and fearing she was indisposed . indisposed meaning, definition, what is indisposed: ill and therefore unable to be present: Learn more. Pronunciation: Add to Favorite: Indisposed - indisposed ← Indispensable indisposition → Other Refferences : The Definition Dictionary.com Merriam Webster Wikipedia Share This Meaning : 1 Slightly unwell.

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The word simply means “disposed” (to set in position), and therefore the and received the word of life: the one party were utterly indisposed,  lig , adj . malevolent , ill - meaning ; ingly grieved ; icke så n , not ( so ) bad : icke må . imaginär , adj . imaginary , unreal .

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not willing: 3. sick…. Learn more. Indisposed definition, sick or ill, especially slightly: to be indisposed with a cold. See more. indisposed meaning: 1.

Indisposed meaning

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Indisposed meaning

Mildly ill. 2. Averse; disinclined: was clearly indisposed to grant their request. Indisposed definition, sick or ill, especially slightly: to be indisposed with a cold.

Tags for the entry "indisposed" What does undisposed mean? Disinclined; unwilling. (adjective) Undisposed to help us.
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Copyright  (f.eks: indisposed på norsk, indisposed at the moment, indisposed definition, indisposed crossword clue, indisposed synonyms, indisposed urban dictionary)  (f.eks: disinclined på norsk, disinclined meaning in hindi, disinclined to acquiesce, (f.eks: indisposed på norsk, indisposed synonyms, indisposed definition,  Human translations with examples: gun'a, flaming, appetite, mapanganib, indisposed, no appetite, the dreaded. gana lakha Hypernova meaning in english. betydelse - sense, meaning betydelsefull - important fortskaffningsmedel - means of communication fortsätta indisponerad - indisposed indistriell - industrial. Examples of indisposed in a Sentence one person in our reading group is very indisposed to choosing a racy book stays home from work whenever he feels the least indisposed First Known Use of indisposed 15th century, in the meaning defined at sense 1 Define indisposed. indisposed synonyms, indisposed pronunciation, indisposed translation, English dictionary definition of indisposed. adj.