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It can mark different color on stainless steel. Mark black and white on aluminum oxide, not for all kinds of metal. 3. What is the difference between Mopa M1 and Mopa M6? Compare to M1, M6 is more easier mark colors on stainless steel. When marking on aluminum oxide, M6 However, MOPA fiber laser marking machine are just developing gradually in recent years. As a new type of technology, what is the difference between MOPA lasers and Q-switched lasers and what are the new advantages of MOPA lasers?

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Stainless steel color marking: marking different colors by setting the parameters. 5. PCB, ABS, plastic without yellow color. 6  How does the fiber laser marking machine engraving different color [1] on stainless steel? Interesting questions.

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11645 products Explore vast ranges of efficient mopa fiber laser marking machine at for color printing purposes. These mopa fiber laser marking  Epilog Laser, TYKMA Electrox, KERN, BOFA & Purex Extractors, Direct Color Featuring a range of MOPA fiber lasers from 20W to 60W, QUBE delivers both Minilase Pro SE Software – Programming and setup of marking templates is  Jun 30, 2017 The Mark Settings Object is used to change the laser settings within the Variation in tone, colour and hue of laser marks possible on steel  Feb 1, 2020 Also which laser setup you have in ezcad, is it a mopa etc? Thank you for the help, and I saved a lot of time today doing color tests with your  Jan 8, 2020 In addition to inkjet and colored paint, MOPA fiber laser marking machines can now be used to create new technologies for color laser marking. Mopa laser source laser marking machine for color logo printing/engraving We have very detailed English manual for laser system and laser marking software  Laser engraveable plastic comes in many different colors, thickness, coatings, and surface textures.

Sigurd and Kathleen Mareels – Van den Berghe Archives -

For example, the no.1 red color parameter. Speed 600 mm/s , power 40%, frequency 300 kHz, pulse duration 45 ns hatch line distance 0.002mm, focusing:deviation 3mm.

Mopa laser color settings

They are also used for high-contrast marking of various other metals (e.g. nickel alloys Black Laser Annealing does not remove or engrave the material. Instead, marks left by the laser annealing machine are created by using the heat of the laser beam and bringing the work piece close to its melting point.
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Mopa laser color settings

Laser Marking Colour on Metal | MOPA Laser. Watch later. Share. Copy link. Info.

Speed 600 mm/s , power 40%, frequency 300 kHz, pulse duration 45 ns hatch line distance 0.002mm, focusing:deviation 3mm. You might need other parameters when marking glossy aluminum.
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Unlike a diode that can only reach the 0.01mm mark feature; a laser fiber can reach and mark the precision of up to 0.001 mm. You might need to use other parameters when laser marking glossy aluminium. Creating a black marking is only possible with the MOPA laser. This is the only laser that colors anodized aluminum black through short pulsing. The conventional fiber lasers in the SpeedMarker Series, Speedy Flexx or Speedy Fiber Laser, can only create white marking.